iPad accessories for music lovers

You love your iPad 2. You love music. Now, if only there was some way to marry the two. Luckily, for you, there are some new and exciting iPad accessories out there that every music lover should own -- or, at the very least, add to their holiday wish list this year.

All of the accessories listed are compatible with both the iPad and iPad 2.

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Woodee's iPic Stylus

Woodee’s iPic Stylus

Whether you play an actual guitar or prefer to "strum" away on an app,Woodee's iPic Stylus ($14.99), is your ideal way for navigating on your iPad. The top is fashioned to look like your average guitar pick, but its tip is a soft, rubber nub, enabling you to use any capacitive touchscreen with ease. Pair with the award-winning Miso Music app (free) and you'll be comfortably -- and stylishly -- playing your own music in no time.

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