This week in pictures: SOPA stalls

Also: NTSB wants ban on use of electronic devices while driving; Nokia thinks Android is too confusing for young people; RIM delivers disastrous Q3 results; and Zynga stumbles in Wall Street debut.

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texting while drivingflickr/mrJasonWeaver

NTSB calls for ban on electronics for drivers

Let's give the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board credit for recognizing the obvious: Our modern addiction to mobile phones has made our roads less safe, often tragically so.

The safety board, which has no enforcement powers, on Tuesday recommended that states move to ban the use of all electronic devices while driving. This includes not just texting -- which should be a no-brainer -- but also talking on cellphones, even if the driver is using a hands-free kit. (The sole exceptions: GPS devices and emergency calls.)

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