IE users worst with numbers, Chrome users best


Last year, the "IE users are dumb" story was a hoax. This year, puzzle site data show IE users the worst at math puzzles.

Patrick Min of Calcudoku, a math puzzle site that has been up for three years, wrote a paper comparing how long it took for users to solve math puzzles on his site, broken down by browser. The fastest puzzle solvers used Chrome, the next fastest Firefox, and the slowest solvers used Internet Explorer. While Min is careful not to call IE users dumb, his paper is titled "On the Choice of Browser and Numerical Intelligence."

Having fun at IE users expense once again, even Google's CEO Larry Page mentioned the study. And since Min included some serious data along with well-reasoned data interpretation, and nice charts, those poking fun at IE users have a real study, not a hoax, to back them up.

Talkin' smack

Did Min's research consider the fact that Internet Exploder is slower or that it crashes more often? After all, it isn't called Internet Exploder for nothing.

Ben S Name on

The more likely conclusion is that IE is likely to crash before a puzzle can be completed.

jamesh on

IE Rocks! Down with Chrome!

Nate Over on

Making excuses

My guess is that IE, being the default browser (since windows is the default OS), is simply used by a much wider spectrum of people.

Jeff Tracy on

I think it's because the majority of IE users are working, while users of other browsers are not...

TexasBum on

Or maybe Internet Explorer users more often play at work, see their boss come in and quickly 'abandon' their puzzle.

Luc Jansen on

Alternative theories

So what the guy is really saying is that Chrome users are obsessive compulsives and I.E. users are normal.

Colin Smith on

The people who, pick the best browser, are mostly going to be the smartest!

David Pirouet on

I propose a new hypothesis: IE users are the most likely to have something better to do than sit around all day solving puzzles. I think this really more suggests that Chrome users are the most bored.

Samantha Wright on

Your job for the day: explain the study to IE users. If you use IE, ask a Chrome user to explain it to you.

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