AI program 'Angelina' builds video games

Credit: flickr/BrandFlair

The somewhat clumsily-named Angelina (A Novel Game-Evolving Labrat I've Named ANGELINA) software still needs humans to create the graphics and music. Built as a concept to help explore automated reasoning processes, Angelina builds levels, tests them, and organizes flow of video games, as described here. Each level is played 400 times in a human-player simulation, and those with problems are excluded to make room for better levels.

Michael Cook, Ph.D. candidate at Imperial College in the UK, programmed Angelina to define maps, layout entities in the game world, rulesets to determine how the game's obstacles behave. Angelina can crank out a new game in about 10 minutes. And while game developers today use intelligent computer software to auto-generate portions of videogames, Angelina almost fully automates game development. Try some games here.


Man, that's really cool.

Matt_H on

Michael Cook is already working on the next version of this AI. He will call it: Brangelina.

Doraemon Cat on

Jolie good show! ;D

GadgetMaster on

Labor issues

I'm only half serious, but there must be business people salivating over a system like this, the ability to "do away" with all those "artist types".

tkioz on

F… I thought I was good at computers…

namikral on

The forces you are playing with have the potential to put you out of a job too... and they will, because machines never sleep and are cheap to run.

kingius on

Skynet? Is that you?

First it starts as a game...

TechPreacher on

Even if we have AI that produce games that rival or supercede human creations, they will not be human.

mtrc on

However, the day you notice the AI is designing levels for its original project, "Human Internment Camp", well...

psycros on

I have to say that any researcher in the field has to be comfortable with the idea of making humanity obsolete :-P

Ganso on

Today, the graphic elements, for simplicity, are 8-bit nostalgic primitives. But the concepts Angelina creates will work just as well with more advanced graphics. Hang on tight.

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