8 free Wi-Fi security tools

Free Wi-Fi tools come in handy. Here are several free programs you can use to do Wi-Fi stumbling and surveying on all the popular platforms.

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4. NetSurveyor

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NetSurveyor is a free but closed source Wi-Fi stumbler and basic analyzer developed by Nuts About Nets, last updated in 2009. It displays the basic AP details, but doesn’t specify the exact authentication or encryption method. It just indicates Yes or No for encryption. Additionally, it doesn’t offer any customization, such as saving AP names.

Though NetSurveyor doesn’t report noise levels, it does offer more graphs than most other free stumblers, including AP Timecourse, AP Differential, Channel Usage, Channel Timecourse, Channel Heatmap, and Channel Spectrogram.

It can also record data for extended periods and played-back in the future. You can also create useful reports in Adobe PDF format, which includes a snapshot of the AP details and all the graphs.

NetSurveyor is a subset of what the company offers in its paid product, NetSurveyor Professional, which runs for $34.95 after a 10-time-use free trial. NetSurveyor Pro adds the ability to view and record actual performance stats of APs you’re connected to instead of using just its broadcast beacons. They even offer more tools, such as a spectrum analyzer, for $395.

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