8 free Wi-Fi security tools

Free Wi-Fi tools come in handy. Here are several free programs you can use to do Wi-Fi stumbling and surveying on all the popular platforms.

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6. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

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Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a free but closed source Wi-Fi stumbler and basic analyzer. Along with displaying all the usual AP details, it shows a radar view and 8-mintue signal history graph. It also displays the signal and address info for any current connections. Additionally, it offers a simple tool to test connectivity of the main network components, and shortcuts to web-based speed and connection quality tests. Its export feature lets you save a snapshot of the AP details to a CSV file.

Though it doesn’t let you save AP names, it lets you customize some settings, such as the signal unit type (dBm or percentage), RSSI method, and polling interval.

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