What do your gadgets really weigh?

Wonder why your backpack or jacket feels too heavy? We weighed popular tech items along with some common handheld objects to give you perspective on what you're lugging around with you.

Let's Put the Ounces in Perspective

gadget weigh img 1.jpg

The weight of handheld gadgets like tablets and smartphones is one of their more important specs. Who wants to lug around a tablet that weighs more than a hardback copy of War and Peace? Reducing a product's weight by even a few ounces is important enough that Barnes and Noble got caught last year shaving 7.4 percent off the scale reading for its Nook e-reader. But even when a company is honest about a gadget's weight, getting a sense of how the tech will feel in your hands based on a mere number can be difficult. Is a 9-ounce e-reader lighter or heavier than most books? Does a 2-pound notebook weigh more or less than a school notebook?

To find out, we parked phones, tablets, and e-readers, along with some common handheld objects, on the PCWorld Labs scale. Our results may surprise you. Let's start with the iPhone 4S.

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