Wearable technology: 10 gadgets available now

You don't have to wait until next year (and probably much later, unless you happen to be a developer) to get your hands on wearable tech. Here are ten pieces of wearable technology that are available right now.

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Personal Soundtrack Shirt


Life is much more exciting with a soundtrack. But creating your own music and sound effects in real time as you go about your daily tasks can get old fast--and might lead to your being ushered away in a tight jacket. With the personal soundtrack shirt ($40 from ThinkGeek), however, you can enjoy the effect of having a real-life soundtrack. The shirt comes with a speaker and a wired remote, along with ten music themes (such as "Royal Entrance" and "Silent Movie Chase Theme") and ten sound effects (such as "Drum Roll" and "Laugh Track") prerecorded on an SD Card. If you'd rather devise your own personal soundtrack, you can remove the SD Card and create your own 20-sound-byte track.

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