Wearable technology: 10 gadgets available now

You don't have to wait until next year (and probably much later, unless you happen to be a developer) to get your hands on wearable tech. Here are ten pieces of wearable technology that are available right now.

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3RD Space FPS Gaming Vest


The 3RD Space FPS gaming vest lets you "feel what you've been missing" during your years of playing video games on a computer or game console. This vest features eight active zones (four on the front, and four on the back) that use special air impact technology to let you feel various in-game blasts as you see them on screen. According to the company, the $139 vest helps you sense the "direction and force" of bullet fire, explosions, and environmental effects, altering your strategy and amplifying the game's intensity. The vest plugs into your computer or gaming console via USB cable.

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