Wearable technology: 10 gadgets available now

You don't have to wait until next year (and probably much later, unless you happen to be a developer) to get your hands on wearable tech. Here are ten pieces of wearable technology that are available right now.

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InPulse Smart Notification Watch


There's no reason to take your phone out of your bag or pocket to check your text messages, email, calendar alerts, or recent phone calls. Just glance down at your InPulse Smart Notification watch. The Smart Notification Watch, which costs $150 at ThinkGeek and works with Android and BlackBerry devices, lets you manage all of your phone notifications from a 1.26-inch color OLED display on your wrist. You can oversee multiple inboxes, check all of your alerts and email messages, and see who's calling. InPulse is currently developing a similar watch for iOS users.

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