Can storage be sexy?

The most quotidian of tech products might still have some design flair

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The ugly truth

petri_disks.jpgPhoto courtesy of Jason Petri

The reality is that the most common forms of modern-day storage -- the hard disk drive and its solid-state relative -- are about as unsexy as it gets, largely because they're hidden away inside our laptops and phones. Why bother making them sleek and aesthetically pleasing when nobody outside of a factory is going to see them?

Still, leave it to Apple to try to make something vaguely appealing out of the ubiquitous hard drive. Mac OS X users will recognize the icon below as the default image representing a hard drive on their desktop. Yes, it's a picture of an internal hard drive that's been removed from its moorings and is sort of floating in space, but it has a certain sexiness to it. Of course, like the floppy icon, this one is rapidly becoming obsolete, as Apple's push to put solid-state drives in all its computers is well known.

If you tore your computer open, it probably wouldn't be so pretty.
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