Facebook IPO: the heftiest paydays

With a possible valuation of $100 billion, Facebook's IPO filing could make a lot of people very, very rich (or richer). Here's a look at the breakdown of who could get what, from Mark Zuckerberg to Bono -- yes, Bono.

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Digital Sky Technologies: $7 Billion

facebook ipo img 2.jpg

In May 2009, Facebook announced that Digital Sky Technologies (DST), a global Internet investment group with "significant stakes" in Eastern European and Russian Internet businesses, made a $200 million investment in exchange for preferred stock.

Yuri Milner, CEO of DST, said at the time, said they were "delighted to invest in Facebook, Mark and his management team as they make the world more open and connected." Delighted even more so, no doubt, with their possible $7 billion payday.

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