Facebook IPO: the heftiest paydays

With a possible valuation of $100 billion, Facebook's IPO filing could make a lot of people very, very rich (or richer). Here's a look at the breakdown of who could get what, from Mark Zuckerberg to Bono -- yes, Bono.

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Bono & Elevation Partners: $750 Million

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U2's front man, Bono, cofounded Elevation Partners in 2004. Five years later, the private equity firm reportedly made its first investment in Facebook, spending $90 million to acquire about 1 percent of the company. A few months later, Elevation Partners upped the ante, spending $120 million for an additional 5 million shares of Facebook.

Today, its $210 million investment—or 1.5 percent stake—could earn them about $750 million.

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