2012’s 25 geekiest 25th anniversaries

A look back at the most memorable events and products from 1987


Back in 1987

2012 geekiest img 1.jpg

Network World’s 6th annual collection of the year’s “geekiest anniversaries” this time includes the births of pioneering companies such as UUNet and NEXTEL; technologies like OS/2 and SPARC; television classics topped by “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and the first “Simpsons” shorts; disposable contact lenses; the first naked-eye supernova in four centuries; and, who could possibly forget The Woodstock of Physics. If when you’re done you have time for more time travel, the first five installments of this series can be found: 2011 here; 2010 here; 2009 here; 2008 here; and 2007 here.

[Geeky Weddings, Birthdays, and Funerals and 2011's 25 geekiest 25th anniversaries]

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