15 best Windows 8 apps to get you started

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13. PhotoVault

The app for photo lovers. PhotoVault delivers the most beautiful photos from all around the world. Zebras in the Savanna? You got it. World cup shots? Oh yes!


14. Grantophone

Play a musical instrument with your Windows 8 PC. You can customize all instruments to create funky techno music or quiet classical pieces.


15. Carmen Sandiego

Here's one for the youngsters: Carmen Sandiego is a math-based puzzle adventure game and while it's labeled "educational," it makes math a lot of fun.


Are the Metro apps dumbed down? Maybe. Do the majority of users care? No. And that point brings us full-circle back to the discussion of Metro vs. Classic.

Most users go to a website or a desktop program for one specific purpose and rarely need advanced options. This is the Metro experience. It distills sometimes complex information and tasks down into a very clear and simple interface. It's what most users want. And even us techies sometimes love the simpler approach to things.

For example, compare the SkyDrive App:


...with the SkyDrive website:


The website may be more functional, but it's not accessible to the user and it's nowhere near as fast to use (even for pros), especially when you're on the go.

And this is where Microsoft might actually win (at least theoretically -- they still need to achieve the numbers) against the Google and Apple competition. The moment you need more options than the Metro apps offer, you go back to the classic desktop and it's all right there. After being skeptical at first, I think this is where Redmond might get it right. They bring both worlds together in a way that doesn't feel like a compromise.

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