This week in pictures: Apple's new iPad arrives

Also: Congress wants more privacy details from Apple, Big Brother (NSA) gets bigger ears, AI program 'Angelina' builds video games, the FBI asks Google for help breaking into a pimp's Android phone, and much, much more!

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The better to hear you with

Big Brother (NSA) gets a bigger ear

Bluffdale Utah is home to giant $2 billion data center for NSA to record billions of phone calls and email messages.

Built to capture, store, and eventually decode "yottabytes" of voice and data communications, the Bluffdale data center will include four 25,000 square feet server buildings for a total of 100,000 square feet of computer-filled racks (Wired). Plugged directly into the network switches of voice and Internet carriers like AT&T, the NSA has collected an estimated 15 to 20 trillion communications since 2001.

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