This week in pictures: Apple's new iPad arrives

Also: Congress wants more privacy details from Apple, Big Brother (NSA) gets bigger ears, AI program 'Angelina' builds video games, the FBI asks Google for help breaking into a pimp's Android phone, and much, much more!

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FBI asks Google for help breaking pimp's Android phone

Google ordered to help FBI access phone of convicted pimp breaking parole to run business.

Wonder if the pattern lock on your Android phone is really secure? Wonder no more, since the FBI couldn't break it, even with the cooperation of phone user Dante Dears. On parole, Dears must allow searches and open any locked digital files. He either gave the FBI techs the wrong pattern lock key, or they messed it up enough so that the phone locked, and they needed Google's help to gain access to contact lists, e-mail, texts, photos, videos, and other private data.

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