The one real reason employees will leave

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Your best employees only need one reason to leave, and it's not money.

Forbes covered this topic in January with two blogs. The second summarized the first, saying, “Why Top Talent Leaves: 10 Reasons Boiled Down to 1.” And that one is a good one: “Top talent leave an organization when they’re badly managed and the organization is confusing and uninspiring.” One might argue that's two reasons, but just one of the reasons by itself isn't enough, so think of this advice as the right and left hands of why your best people leave.

Of course, there's a reason Dilbert is wildly popular, because bad managers and confusing workplaces abound. And business analysts study and debate the best ways to attract and keep the best talent constantly. What it boils down to? Management needs to have a good vision for the company and treat employees better.

Pointy haired bosses

“People leave managers not companies.” And generally immediate supervisors are the prime reason.

Himanshu Rai on

Lousy managers – promoted beyond their capability, can’t get a grip on how to manage the new generation (or even some of the older generatons)

Jim Sullivan on

I've seen a never ending timeline of nepotism, biased behaviors and partiality in large companies.

kamaal on

Management mistakes

I’ve heard manager’s (not leaders) at my place of employment state succinctly, “If they don’t like the job, they can quit. There’s a line out the door for people that do want the job.”

daburb on

As a former Fortune 500 executive I can tell you rather emphatically that in the corporate world common sense is NOT common.

Alicia Blain on

Smart management

from a professor of mine: "People join good projects and leave bad management"

spodek on

Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. Manage those correctly for your employees and you'll have a happy organization.

mbesto on

A recent Gallup study proved a causal relationship between employee engagement and financial performance. Because the results indicate we must invest in our employees to reach our financial goals.

acmcfarland on

Anytime somebody tells me "there's only one reason this happens," I get suspicious. Life is far more complicated than that.

kylemaxwell on

Best quote from all the comments: "People join good projects and leave bad management"

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