20 iconic tech sounds bound for extinction

Boy, does technology evolve fast. How many of these now-historic sounds do you remember?

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3. The Windows serenade

Love it or hate it, there's a good chance that fanfare-like sound signaling the start of Windows 3.1 is forever etched in your egg-shaped noggin. Or how about that airy little ditty that greeted you upon bootup of Windows 95? The various tones of Microsoft may not always bring back the sunniest of memories (Vista, anyone?), but they sure are hard to forget.

4. The mail man's call

The cry of the AOL mail man was damn near ubiquitous in the 90s. For future generations, it'll be about as familiar as those blasted "50 free hours" disks we used to get sent every seven days.

5. The Nokia boogie

It was the ringtone before there were ringtones -- the predecessor to an infinite array of annoying pocket-based serenades.

And here you thought your co-worker's Kanye song was bad.

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