20 iconic tech sounds bound for extinction

Boy, does technology evolve fast. How many of these now-historic sounds do you remember?

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15. The operator's ode

Quick: When was the last time you actually dialed "0" on a phone and spoke with a human operator? Odds are, the answer is (a) a long time ago, (b) never, or (c) what the hell is a human operator?

16. The radio tuner's tune

Static. A high-pitched squeal. Talking. More static. A little music. That's the unmistakable sequence of an AM radio dial being manually tuned -- something bound to sound completely foreign to a 12-year-old in about 10 years.

17. The cash register chorus

Aside from Pink Floyd jam sessions, the sounds of the old-fashioned cash register ringing up and cashing out are becoming increasingly sparse these days. Sure, we've got the beep-beep of the barcode scanner, but a digital beep can only have so much character.

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