SOPA sponsor NBC caught stealing graphics – from Apple

Xcode logoImage credit: Apple
Apple Xcode logo

NBC Universal website for a new reality series is caught stealing Apple's logo for Xcode, their software for app developers.

Yes, the same NBC supporting SOPA with comments like, "content theft on the Internet, which is a major threat to the strength of our business," and, "tidal wave of content theft." Guess NBC only considers TV shows as content, but icons developed by others are fair game. Or they are learning that draconian stances for content theft can bite them, too.

Likely, some Web coder at, or hired by, NBC grabbed the icon, maybe from somewhere besides Apple's page. But shouldn't NBC, proud supporter of SOPA, have programs in place to utilize only legally obtained and licensed content on their own websites?

Shame on NBC

It's only OK when they do it.

kittyhawk on

Apple doesn't buy stock images from anyone, for anything. It's entirely outside the scope of their business idea. All material they use has to be exclusive, and is created on demand or in-house.

dixxon on

They make the point that if NBC don't care about infringing copyright of the most valuable company in the world, will they care about the average business or individual?

tulriw9d on

The irony of this situation is indeed noteworthy, and it demonstrates a pretty biting critique of SOPA itself.

jonnathanson on

Random shots

I don't like Apple . But this is something special, even though Apple are scumbag copycats themselves...

SgtCedric on

SOPA would be great - it would mean that the owner could (and should) go to a judge and take NBC's website(s) offline.

PeterisP on


designers probably googled for "hammer blueprint" or "blueprint icon" so and found this icon in the image results...

Tom Desmet on

This is copypasta, not intentional infringement. (It's infringement just the same, and should be taken down, but there are mountains and then there are molehills).

jonnathanson on

Can we please stop using the terms "stealing" and "theft" to refer to copyright infringement?

RyanMcGreal on

No comment, so far, from the SOPA-skewered NBC about their respect for the intellectual property of others.

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