This week in pictures: RIM fires (nearly) everyone

Also: SOPA sponsor NBC caught stealing graphics, Tim Cook visits China, spammer spams Pinterest, TiVo files DVR lawsuits, and much, much more!

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NBC peacockflickr/minimoniotaku
NBC Peacock logo full of jellybeans, in the NBC Store at 30 Rock.

SOPA sponsor NBC caught stealing graphics – from Apple

NBC Universal website for a new reality series is caught stealing Apple's logo for Xcode, their software for app developers.

Yes, the same NBC supporting SOPA with comments like, "content theft on the Internet, which is a major threat to the strength of our business," and, "tidal wave of content theft." Guess NBC only considers TV shows as content, but icons developed by others are fair game. Or they are learning that draconian stances for content theft can bite them, too.

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