5 very cool (but kinda creepy) mobile technologies

Face recognition, voice identification, and augmented reality can enrich the mobile experience -- but they can also be abused in scary ways

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Mood and voice recognition: We know how you feel

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Fujitsu and Nagoya University have announced a technology capable of "reading" certain moods and intentions. Specifically, the technology aims to quash over-the-phone phishing scams by picking up on keywords from the perpetrator (such as "indebtedness" and "compensation") and by measuring the voice and pitch of the victim. If enough flags go up, you get a scam alert.

Using voice recognition and analyzing voice patterns in the name of stopping crime is pretty cool. However, imagine a bad guy using it while trying to sell you snake oil, being able to change his pitch on the fly as his phone tells him whether you are calm, distressed, or defensive.

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