How to get more honest search results

Google's search results are now suspect due to Google+-related manipulations. Here's how to get purer results in your browser

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BlackBerry 7 Browser: Changing your search engine

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In BlackBerry OS 6, which is in wide use, you're stuck with the search engine that Research in Motion and your cellular carrier chose. But in the BlackBerry OS 7 devices released in fall 2011, you can change the search engine, which varies from carrier to carrier. Open the BlackBerry Browser, then tap the Menu key (the BlackBerry icon) on your smartphone. Choose Options from the menu that appears, and in the General section of the Browser Options screen, tap Manage Search Engines, then tap the desired search engine's name. If the search engine you want is not listed, tap Add Search Engine and type in the search engine's name and its mobile URL.

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