Socialcam hits #1 in downloads and haters


Socialcam hit #1 in downloads at the iPhone App Store Free section, but the app is considered spam and a virus by many.

How plain is this: "Why I Hate Socialcam, Even If It Might Be the Next Instagram" on Forbes as Robert Hof objects to Socialcam's methods of forcing users to sign up to see videos. Once signed, Socialcam warns "This app may post on your behalf, including videos you watched, videos you shared and more." Yes, it says, "and more" which means anything you do via Socialcam will likely be made public.

Socialcam isn't the only app that demands you sign up before you can see a video or listen to a song or make a comment, but the zooming profile makes it seem more obnoxious than others right at the moment. But the heavy-handedness of it all is turning people off, which is never a good thing in a social app.

Socialcam sucks

I hope their team reads this because they have designed the worst program I have seen on Facebook.

wrvanhest on

The video thumbnail looked like a picture of a girl in a bikini on a beach. This is how Socialcam is spreading. I flagged the 4 posts as spam.

zato on

Bleh, Socialcam is viral spam.

kevinherron on

If I watch a video I don't want it Facebook posting to all my friends that I watched it. In the future I will never click on a Socialcam video.

Andy on

I also think their viral growth is due to some underhanded techniques that they are using by posting, without user content, on news feeds.

ahsanhilal on

Socialcam for the win

I love the app and have no issue w a Facebook social cam relationship

io22 on

I was very impressed by these guys during YC. They already knew so much about video from working on it at Justin.TV

pg on

Social sadness

When wanting to leave a comment for this article I was forced to make an account. I’ve received three emails from Forbes already,

TheRoxie on

Pretty much exactly why I hate all FB apps. I'm happy to just share family photos with friends and family.

gwade on

The amount of spam I see from apps like Socialcam and Viddy reminds me of the days of FarmVille spam. The problem is that this model is not sustainable.

bobrenjc93 on

Have you signed up for Socialcam? Did you mean to do so? Do you regret that decision?

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