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Companies complaining they can't find programmers aren't paying enough, but rates can go way, way up for some jobs.

A note from Austria reported there are now 22 percent more job openings in programming than last year, pointing to s shortage of coders. But the pay scale starts new graduate programmers at 2200 Euros per month, which struck writer Nikolaus Gerbhardt as way too low.

Last year, Application Development Trends asked, "What Do the Highest-Paid Programmers Make" to cover the high end of the spectrum. Answer? A survey found some individuals making $175,000 (programmer/analyst in San Diego), $200,000 (programming project lead in Houston) and $250,000 (DBA in New Jersey). Those numbers beat those from an annual IT Salary Survey that listed "Programmer lead with 10-plus years of experience" at $99,666.


In Italy the situation is even worse, as a junior you will probably start at an average 800-900 euros with a 3 months contract

Francesco on

I am PHP, javascript programmer in Bosnia and Herzegovina with 1 year of expirience, 680$ fora month is my salary.

BiH on

same in France, even for engineers. If you’re lucky, you can expect after 10 years of experience to earn 75% of what a junior position in Silicon Valley would get you.

DrMonkey on

I regularily pay contract programmers in the UK £500 - £900 per day. Thats $800 - $1500 US. Even times 200 working days a year it $160,000 - $300,000.

anonymous on

Silicon Valley

Actually since I am freelancing, I have doubled my revenue.

Iv on

The highest paid are in Investments on Walls Street and Silicon Valley writing trading algorithms. Its not an area to be missed with Salary up to $2M a year.

uaflyer on

to command six figures, you've either many years (10+) of experience under your belt, a masters + experience or you're applying in NYC or LA/SF where cost of living is astronomical.

mikecaron on


if i had a chance to switch to physical job for half the salary i would, not because i hate programming, but no one can be a programmer more that 5 years.

Reality on

I am delighted that smart young people now can develop an app or something and become rich and not share a nickle with the nebulous parasites known as business analysts.

Peggy on

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