Hard time: 10 tech CEOs sent to the slammer

A sampling of famous and not-so-famous tech execs who ran afoul of the law

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Michael Peppel, MCSi (Miami Computer Supply)


Michael Peppel might not have been caught save for the investigation into the previous CEO in this slideshow, Frances Flood. A set of sham transactions between his company, MCSi, and her company, ClearOne Communications, caught the eye of prosecutors, and resulted in charges being filed against him as well. He pleaded guilty to willful false certification of a financial report by a corporate officer; money laundering and conspiracy to commit securities fraud. He could have been sentenced to 50 years in prison. Instead he was sentenced to seven days. He was also fined $5 million, with a payment plan of $3,000 per month, which means it will take 138 years to pay it off. Federal prosecutors  just last month filed to have Peppel resentenced.

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