Rogues gallery 2: ten infamous hacks and hackers

From low-profile intrusions to statement-making break-ins, here are 10 headline-making system intrusions (and the culprits behind them)

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Vladimir Levin hacks Citibank


Seen by many as one of the first high-profile instances of financially-motivated hacking, Russian crime-ring leader Vladimir Levin managed to gain access to accounts located in the Citibank network and stole millions of dollars in 1995.

As part of a larger crime group, Levin was able to get a list of customer codes and passwords that allowed him to log in and transfer $3.7 million illegally. The FBI eventually caught up with Levin and he was sentenced to three years in jail in 1998. He was also ordered to pay Citibank $240,015 in restitution.

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