From 'Warthog' to 'Pangolin': up close with Ubuntu Linux mascots

If you're a fan of Ubuntu Linux, there's a good chance you're among the many who have been wondering in the last day or so what, precisely, a pangolin is

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16. Precise Pangolin (12.04)

warthogimg16.jpgFlickr image credit: Orin Zebest

Last but certainly not least we have the pangolin, particularly notable for being the only mammal whose skin is covered by keratin scales. Found in tropical regions of Asia and Africa, these tough creatures are like the hedgehog in their natural tendency to curl up into a ball.

As for Precise Pangolin? Not due for release until April, it's still just a twinkle in Canonical's proverbial eye. We can only guess how it will ultimately take after its namesake, but here's what Shuttleworth had to say:

"I’ve recently spent a few hours tracking a pangolin through the Kalahari. I can vouch for their precision--there wasn’t an ant hill in the valley that he missed. Their scales are a wonder of detail and quite the fashion statement. I can also vouch for their toughness; pangolin’s regularly survive encounters with lions. All in all, a perfect fit. There’s no sassier character, and no more cheerful digger, anywhere in those desert plains. If you want a plucky partner, the pangolin’s your match."

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