From 'Warthog' to 'Pangolin': up close with Ubuntu Linux mascots

If you're a fan of Ubuntu Linux, there's a good chance you're among the many who have been wondering in the last day or so what, precisely, a pangolin is

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3. Breezy Badger (5.10)

warthogimg3.jpgFlickr image credit: Daniel Hughes

Part of the weasel family, badgers are short-legged omnivores with a powerful jaw that can grab prey with a virtually unbreakable grip. Found all over the world, badgers live in underground burrows and can be fierce opponents. They've also been known to hunt cooperatively with coyotes.

The Breezy Badger Ubuntu release of October 2005, on the other hand, added a graphical bootloader, an Add/Remove Applications tool, a menu editor, and Launchpad integration.

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