From 'Warthog' to 'Pangolin': up close with Ubuntu Linux mascots

If you're a fan of Ubuntu Linux, there's a good chance you're among the many who have been wondering in the last day or so what, precisely, a pangolin is

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4. Dapper Drake (6.06 LTS)

warthogimg4.jpgFlickr image credit: SidPix

"Drake" is simply the term for a male duck, so it actually includes numerous species of the bird. Ducks can be found on both fresh and sea water, and they tend to eat grasses and aquatic plants as well as worms and small amphibians. Though some say duck quacks don't echo, that's apparently just an urban legend.

As for Dapper Drake? Released in June 2006, it was the operating system's first Long Term Support release, and it arrived two months behind schedule. The software's theme switched to an orange color scheme instead of brown.

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