Basecamp vs. Zoho Projects vs. AceProject

Three cloud-based tools provide solid project management and collaboration features

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Basecamp's tools are simple and definitely geared for more work, less tracking.

Price: Scaled ($20-$150/month)

Platform: Online

Basecamp is a project management tool with a big following, highly popular among the small business and consultancy sectors.

It's easy to see why. Basecamp is a simple-to-use intuitive interface that lets project members come in, say what they need to say, and get back to work.

There are no formal task or project management tools in Basecamp, unlike those found in AceProject. Users are assigned projects, and within those projects they are given free reign to create their own to-do lists, events, messages, or "writeboards," real-time collaboration tools.

The mindset for using Basecamp is not so much formal project management so much as project collaboration. There's no time tracking or Gantt charts to be found in this tool. You make a task, you assign a task to another project member or yourself, and off you go. Documents are stored in one place, and aren't tagged to events or tasks

If you are used to working with smaller projects, such as a putting together a customer deliverable or prepping for an event, Basecamp will serve you well. The writeboard and messaging features are useful for distributed workers, and having everything in one project-oriented micro-site lends a lot of efficiency to this tool.

But if you are doing any kind of serious project management, and need to track tasks more closely, Basecamp might not be the best tool for your organization. Price should be a consideration, too: there is no free option, so the base of the $20 per month plan lets you manage 10 projects with 3 GB of storage. The highest plan at $150 per month enables unlimited projects and 100 GB of file storage. (All plans have unlimited users.)

This is a more streamlined plan than AceProject (who wants to count tasks?) and Basecamp gives you more storage space overall, so in that, it's not a bad deal. But you will really need to know what you want in a project management tool before signing on.

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