10 web sites that time forgot

When was the last time you posted a pic on PhotoBucket? Did a search on AltaVista? Or updated your Myspace page? In the online world, sites that were once the rage can quickly fall out of fashion. But they don’t die; they linger on in a kind of cyber-limbo.

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Alexa Global Traffic Rank: 10,709

What’s the difference between Friendster (which launched 10 years ago) and Myspace, which came out a year later? Odds are, we’ll bet you probably have an account on Myspace, even if you’re no longer using it. Like many pioneering sites, Friendster may have been one of the first to launch in its category (social networking), but for some reason it never caught on. Friendster was sold for $26.4 million to a Malaysian Internet company in December 2009, and relaunched as a "social-gaming site" in June 2011. Since then, over 90% of Friendster’s traffic originates from Asia, and it has more than115 million registered users.

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