10 web sites that time forgot

When was the last time you posted a pic on PhotoBucket? Did a search on AltaVista? Or updated your Myspace page? In the online world, sites that were once the rage can quickly fall out of fashion. But they don’t die; they linger on in a kind of cyber-limbo.

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Alexa Global Traffic Rank: 3,639

This user blogging site has supposedly been around since 1998 in some earlier form. Over the years, it has added an array of features (e.g. audio and video blogging, micro-blogging, user profiles). The current product is a mishmash of the latest things you’d expect to find across various user-generated content sites. We’re impressed Xanga is still around despite competition from Blogger, LiveJournal and WordPress.com, and an overall fading interest for using blogging services.

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