10 web sites that time forgot

When was the last time you posted a pic on PhotoBucket? Did a search on AltaVista? Or updated your Myspace page? In the online world, sites that were once the rage can quickly fall out of fashion. But they don’t die; they linger on in a kind of cyber-limbo.

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The shuttering of GeoCities closed an era of easy website-making and hosting services that was associated with the internet of the 1990s -- mostly, personal sites that users littered with tacky animated GIFs and pointless "Under Construction" banners. But a similar service originally from that period exists. Launched in September 1994, Tripod was bought in February 1998 by Lycos (which itself, a web portal, is a surviving relic from those early, awkward web years), and still offers today a free plan for building and hosting your website.

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