Top IT tools for Mac OS X

15 handy troubleshooting and productivity tools for Mac-loving server and network admins.

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Although you get a fully functional copy of Remote Desktop when you install Microsoft Office for the Mac, what you get is no-frills RDP. I learned about a better RDP client called CoRD from my buddies at Splunk, and trust me, having a side drawer to organize all of your server links is a godsend. And CoRD smoothly conquers right-clicks using Shift-Ctrl-click. I only wish that CoRD could be protected with a startup password. It’s easy to save usernames and passwords, but the havoc someone might wreak if they got into your machine is potentially devastating, especially since CoRD also lets you save domain credentials. (Better to save your passwords into a vault program.) Note that CoRD does not support VNC or Apple Desktop protocol, only Windows RDP. And make sure to select “Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop.”

Price: Free
Developer: Dorian Johnson, et al (SourceForge)
Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6

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