20 surefire IT mistakes

Beware these all-too-common IT blunders before they derail your career.

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4. Taking a half-baked approach to BYOD


It's easy to think of BYOD (bring your own device) as little more than allowing employees to be their own IT department, either to skimp on supporting devices directly or as a gesture of trust toward your most clued-in workers. Both ideas are misguided: Any device brought into the enterprise needs some degree of IT support, and even tech-savvy employees don't always know the full extent of the responsibilities of their BYOD privileges. Increasingly BYOD-conscious devices and solutions are coming to market all the time, enabling admins to make use of properly-designed security and management tools while keeping users happy. Get familiar with these offerings to match the right tools to your needs before signing off on your BOYD policy.

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