Tech logos: the stories behind the designs

When Twitter tweaked its blue bird, the design world was atwitter (pun intended). We spoke with Silicon Valley graphic designer Steve Yamaguma of Design2Market to get his insights into a few familiar tech logos. More goes into design than most people realize. Think: subliminal messages.

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Android Robot: R2D2


Let's face it, the Android robot logo borrows liberally from R2D2 of "Star Wars" -- and who doesn't love R2D2? Then again, technology gets a lot of its inspiration from sci-fi movies. Eventually, real technology catches up to the future. Even Apple's planned campus in Cupertino looks like a spaceship.

Yamaguma's take: "The Android robot is a fun phenomenon right now. It is one of the more heavily merchandized icons today, from key chains to coffee mugs to pillows and dolls. But will it last? As real robots become mainstream, it will no longer be a curiosity item."

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