Tech logos: the stories behind the designs

When Twitter tweaked its blue bird, the design world was atwitter (pun intended). We spoke with Silicon Valley graphic designer Steve Yamaguma of Design2Market to get his insights into a few familiar tech logos. More goes into design than most people realize. Think: subliminal messages.

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Apple: The Silhouette


Shortly after Steve Jobs died, 19-year-old Jonathan Mak reimagined the Apple logo in a stunning and beautiful way. It's a silhouette of Jobs, identifiable by his trademark circular rim glasses, bowing his head in reverence to the company he made famous.

Yamaguma's take: "The Apple logo with Steve Job's silhouette is one of those irreverent strokes of genius that happen once in a lifetime. The academic don't-mess-with-the-logo design discipline was overridden by a sincere appreciation for the profound significance of the man who created the company and the brand."

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