Tech logos: the stories behind the designs

When Twitter tweaked its blue bird, the design world was atwitter (pun intended). We spoke with Silicon Valley graphic designer Steve Yamaguma of Design2Market to get his insights into a few familiar tech logos. More goes into design than most people realize. Think: subliminal messages.

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Twitter: "I'm Batman!"


It didn't take long for designers to mock Twitter's new blue bird. One of the more creative ones came from Josh Helfferich. He flipped the bird upside down (yes, again, pun intended), changed the color scheme and -- bam! -- batman emerges from the shadows.

Yamaguma's take: "The upside-down Batman logo is funny. In this serious-business-oriented Silicon Valley, we do need to pause for laughter. I'm sure there are many logos that you can turn upside down and make something out of it."

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