Tech logos: the stories behind the designs

When Twitter tweaked its blue bird, the design world was atwitter (pun intended). We spoke with Silicon Valley graphic designer Steve Yamaguma of Design2Market to get his insights into a few familiar tech logos. More goes into design than most people realize. Think: subliminal messages.

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Zynga: Dog of a Logo


Zynga CEO Mark Pincus' dog is reportedly the inspiration behind the company's logo. There's no question many Americans love their dogs to the point of obsession. Whenever dogs are abused, outrage ensues. But what does a dog say about Zynga?

Yamaguma's take: "In terms of brand identity and communication, [the Zynga dog] doesn't have the level of thought, care and design sensibilities that went into the Twitter bird. Why Zynga itself is so popular is beyond me."

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