Tech logos: the stories behind the designs

When Twitter tweaked its blue bird, the design world was atwitter (pun intended). We spoke with Silicon Valley graphic designer Steve Yamaguma of Design2Market to get his insights into a few familiar tech logos. More goes into design than most people realize. Think: subliminal messages.

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Google: A Rebel?


Development of the Google logo was driven by the founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, according to Ruth Kedar who designed the logo. They had a vision of a timeless design, simple and legible.

Yamaguma's take: "The primary colors add to the simplicity, and so [the logo] can be played with. Thus it has become one of the most successful brand identities. Instead of a chromatic progression, though, the L was made with a secondary color. This brings back the idea that Google doesn't follow the rules."

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