Top CIOs take home seven-figure pay packages

Fortune 500 CIOs and IT SVPs netted multimillion dollar compensation packages in 2011.

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CIO pay disclosures


This feature provides details on 2011 pay packages for 27 CIOs and senior IT executives at Fortune 500 companies, but it's not a ranking of the highest paid IT executives. A public company is only obligated to report the compensation of its principal executive officer, principal financial officer and three most highly compensated officers. If a senior IT leader ranks among a company's three most highly paid executives, that executive’s compensation is reported in the organization's proxy statement. A CIO might have earned a multimillion-dollar pay package, but if more than three executives at the company topped that amount, that IT leader's pay is not disclosed. There are undoubtedly higher paid IT chiefs whose compensation is not publicly reported.

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