Stop that fax! Use an electronic signature instead. We try out 8 different apps.

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Most of the apps in this space are SaaS-based. CoSign is an actual desktop Windows application that inserts a signature block into Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat documents. You have to explicitly run the verification process to see if the text of the document has changed since it has been signed. (You can see an example of the display when something has been verified and when it has changed in the screenshot below.) This is somewhat cumbersome. If you want workflow and tracking, you will have to spend big bucks on their Enterprise grade product.


A more extensive feature comparison among EchoSign, DocuSign and RightSignature can be found here. Those are certainly the three apps that are worth taking a closer look. All have well-developed third-party support and offer at least an iOS mobile version and come with a variety of plans to meet a range of signing needs.

Electronic Signing Services

Vendor, URL


Notable features

Mobile, desktop app

Cloud integration

ARX CoSign Desktop


Windows client only for signing MS Office and PDFs




Free for 1 user (2), $20/mo per user

Signature pad capture

iOS and Android

Salesforce, Box, Google Docs, SharePoint


Free for 1 user, $15-$40/mo per user plans

Extensive workflow and reporting


Salesforce, SugarCRM, Dynamics, SharePoint, Box, DropBox, Google Docs

Intralinks Connect Courier

$35/mo per user

Outlook plug-in

iOS (3)

SharePoint, Salesforce (3)


$14/mo for 1 sender and template, $49/mo per user for 10 senders

Webcam photo capture

iOS signature pad, BlackBerry

Google Docs, Box, DropBox, Freshbooks, SharePoint, Salesforce


Free for 10 docs, up to $15/mo per user

Multiple signers, Outlook plug-in

iOS, Android,

Salesforce, Box, SharePoint


Free for 3 docs, $10 unlimited


iOS and Android (mobile only versions)


Signix MyDox

$29/mo per user (4)

Digital signatures on PDFs only




(1) Arx sells an enterprise version (for more than $10,000 too!) that has SharePoint integration and other centralized management features.

(2) DocuSign limits the number of signed documents to five per month for the free plan but sells unlimited plans for enterprises.

(3)Extra charges for these features (mobile and third party support) using Intralinks Exchanges product.

(4) Signix limits each account to 600 transactions per user per year.

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