7 days with a Windows 8 tablet: Not quite the best of both worlds

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Day 2. Let your fingers do the filing

I dreaded the moment I'd have to fiddle with files and PC settings outside of the Metro interface with my finger on the touch display. And while it was hit and miss, copying files, launching installers, shuffling and renaming folders was actually quite usable. Microsoft clearly improved detection and fault tolerance. Usually you hit what you want to hit, no matter how small.


What annoys me greatly is the Context Menu. What you have to do to right-click with your fingers is touch an object, wait for a few seconds (2-3) and let the finger go. I hate it. It requires a level of patience I don't have to handle a lot of files or use the context menu in an application. Windows 7 solved this a lot better as it allows you to perform a right-click with a two finger gesture. The good news: The new File Explorer in Windows 8 sports the Office ribbon with commonly used commands, such as Move To or Copy To, which make perfect sense on a touch display and actually saved me a lot of time.


Overall, it still feels a bit fiddly and it's not a perfect experience. However, since there is no Android or iOS tablet that offers this level of productivity, you won't hear me complaining... much.

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