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Why buy when a free open source security app might suit your needs? Here are 12 excellent choices.

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Mobile security

Don't forget your i-Thingy or Android gadget, because there are some great open source security applications for your mobile devices as well. These excellent open source apps manage passwords and protect your privacy.

Master Password (iOS)

Master Password for iOS is a stateless password manager. It does not save passwords on your iPhone/Pad/Pod, nor does it save them in some nebulous cloudy place somewhere. It employs a different strategy: it creates a new, strong password every time you need to log into a site. You only need to remember a single password. ($5.99, replaces Password Safe.)

ChatSecure (iOS)

Protect your online chat and instant messaging sessions from eavesdroppers with Secure Chat. ChatSecure encrypts AIM, Jabber, Google Talk, and all chat/IM apps that use the XMPP chat protocol.

Rights Alert (Android)

Apps that snoop on your activities and sneak data back to the mother ship have a bad habit of creeping into mobile app stores, so how are you supposed to protect yourself? Try Rights Alert. Rights Alert shows you a list of installed applications that are requiring excessive permissions, which could be a sign that they may be up to no good, poking and prying into parts of your system where they don't belong. Even if it's not snoopy, any app that requires excessive permissions creates a potential security hole.

The Guardian Project (Android)

The Guardian Project is a suite of open source privacy-protection apps that was created with the idea of protecting activists who are in danger simply for reporting events and sharing photos, and of course these apps work for anyone who is concerned for their online privacy.

Orbot brings Tor to Android. Tor is a network of proxy servers that anonymize your travels over the Internet. Orweb is a Web browser that operates in concert with Orbot to circumvent Web filters and blocks, protects your online privacy, and keeps your Android machine free of any trackable Internet history.

fig-4-orbot.jpegSource: Carla Schroder
Figure 4: Orbot looks great while it anonymizes your Internet travels.

Gibberbot provides secure chat and instant messaging, with the bonus of Tor support.

ObscuraCam is a slick little app for anonymizing photos by obscuring the faces of people in the photos. It's still in alpha, but you can try it out and help test it.

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