Don't buy that security software!

Why buy when a free open source security app might suit your needs? Here are 12 excellent choices.

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Droidwall is a nice graphical front-end for the powerful and proven iptables firewall that has been an integral part of the Linux kernel for many years. It gives fine-grained control of which applications and services can have access to your networks, and controls what comes into your Droid over the network.

fig-5-droidwall.jpegSource: Carla Schroder
Figure 5: Droidwall brings good point-and-click configuration to the complex but very strong iptables firewall.

Droidwall requires a rooted Android. I think it is ridiculous to not have root access to your own computers, but that's the world we live in. See The 5 best reasons to root your Android phone to learn how.

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