15 amazing tech feats and world records

Not to be outdone by athletes at this summer's Olympic games, techies have been setting some world records of their own of late.

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Mission to Mars, kind of


Will humans ever make it to Mars? One thing that needs to be tested before astronauts lift off is if they can handle the ride there and back, a total of about 66 million miles. The European Space Agency conducted a study where a crew of astronauts conducted a mock trip to the planet, and in doing so set a world record for longest time in isolation on a space mission. The astronauts didn’t quite make it into space though; in fact, they spent the entire time in a 19,400 cubic-foot hatch in Moscow. Complete with beds, kitchen, a greenhouse and other amenities, the crew even simulated a landing and walking on the planet (a sand box). After 520 days in the experiment, they returned “home,” meaning they got to leave the parking lot. What did they do for 520 days? Play music video games, of course.

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