Wild and crazy patents

Patent protection has been granted over the years to some truly off-the-wall ideas, including a hair comb-over and basmati rice. Some that seemed like shoo-ins at the time were later overturned, including the famed ENIAC computer.

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Video game (2004)


Nintendo has a patent that covers the software in video game systems, and is another one targeted by the EFF in its "patent-busting" project because it's overly broad, the group says.

Patent 6,672,963 covers, just in its first claim, "a computer system including: a microprocessor of a first type, a writable memory coupled to said first type microprocessor, at least one user input device coupled to said first type microprocessor, a sound generator coupled to said first type microprocessor display circuitry coupled to said first type microprocessor...  a method of adapting said computer system to play interactive games written for a handheld video game platform different from said computer system..."

Fierce battle over intellectual property

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