10 Gmail tools to supercharge your inbox

From dynamic contact tracking to analytics in your inbox, these add-ons and services provide enhanced capabilities for both casual and power Gmail users.

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If you run your own business or routinely send emails on your company's behalf, ToutApp's automated email templates and analytics capabilities are a dream come true. Available for Chrome and Firefox, the add-on lets you create email templates for repetitive emails, and you can also auto-attach documents or auto-cc recipients within those templates.

Those emails can then be scheduled to be sent at a specific time, and back-end analytics track in real time who opens your emails. Incoming mail can be filtered by groups of contacts that you set up. It's the perfect way to bring a "set it and forget it" mentality to your inbox.

Paid plans start at $30/mo., but "always-free" and "lite" plans with limited capabilities are also available.

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